The first consultation is 60 minutes long. This includes a discussion of all the aspects of your health (your health history, lifestyle, and family history) and a physical examination. I then use all the information we discussed to design a treatment plan just for you. This may include sending for additional tests, prescribing herbal and/or homeopathic medicine, lifestyle and dietary changes, and biopuncture.


  • First consultation chronic: R750.00
  • Follow-up and acute consultation: R450.00

*Note: Consultation fees exclude medication fees



Biopuncture is a type of therapy whereby I inject carefully selected homeopathic formulations using a small thin needle under your skin (in some cases into the muscle) to stimulate healing in those areas. Biopuncture has a wide range of uses in joint pain, muscle tension, headaches, sinus problems, energy, immune boosting, and so many more!


  • Immune booster
  • Energy and endurance booster
  • Muscle tension injection


Vitamin Bs are a class of vitamins that have a wide variety of uses including energy and alertness, good nerve functioning, cognitive health, brain development in foetuses, and red blood cell production. Due to lifestyle, medications, and certain conditions vitamin Bs are easily depleted resulting in symptoms such as tiredness, memory loss, tingling and numbness, etc. We can get the vitamin B levels back up in our bodies by taking eating foods high in vitamin B, vitamin B tablets, and/or vitamin B injections.


  • Vitamin B-complex injection
  • Vitamin B-12 injection

Basic health screening

Blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose measurements that are out of normal range can result in unfavorable symptoms and more serious effects later on. Issues with these may result from poor lifestyle, diet, habits, and genetics. It is important to have these checked and monitored regularly so that we can get you closer to healthy ranges.


  • Blood pressure screen
  • Cholesterol screen
  • Glucose screen