Dr Lorna Blackwell
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What do I do?

I use natural methods of treating a wide variety of conditions to get you to your happiest, healthiest self. I do this by using homeopathic and herbal medications, biopuncture, and lifestyle and dietary changes to effect a cure in a variety of conditions.


Qualifications and Registrations

  • Magister Technologiae: Homeopathy (2019)
  • Homeopathic Association of South Africa
  • Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA registration number: A12071)
  • Board of Healthcare Funders (Practice number: 0820113)


I graduated from the University of Johannesburg with an M.Tech Homeopathy in February 2019. I have been working at a combined natural and conventional pharmacy for the past 2 years with amazing doctors who are my friends, colleagues and mentors. I advise, consult and treat people from all walks of life. I have treated patients in 3 training facilities affiliated with the University of Johannesburg, and at the Khula Village Natural Health Centre in St Lucia, KZN.

I am passionate about teaching people about their bodies and conditions and how we can effect a cure in a simplified way. I never want you to be on medication for the rest of your life (unless absolutely necessary!) as cure is always my goal.

Another passion of mine is the language and cultural differences I encounter in patients and how that affects the healthcare Homeopaths provide. I love it so much that I wrote my dissertation on it. Check it out.